How to contact Eurogéo

You need a geotechnical study for a construction project, or an expert opinion on a subject that you feel in relation to the ground? To contact us , choose the phone contact. We want avoid a so-called "direct" first contact by email message , for various reasons: - The uncontrollable growth of unwanted and useless messages generated by unscrupulous search robots , drowning your earnest request ; - The incomparably direct quality of a phone call, in which we note and make you explain aspects of your project, then ask you to send, by internet or by mail, the essential elements for the establishment of a quote. Think of preparing a situation in your building plan , and its basic architectural elements : a ground plane and one or a few cuts .

Where we are

40km south Paris towards Orléans, a gentle country called "Hurepoix".

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15 rue des Piffrets
Tel: 01 64 91 37 00